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Re: carnivorism question

Oct 21, 1999 07:49 AM
by Alan

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> From: W. Dallas TenBroeck <>
> Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 1:01 PM
> Subject: RE: carnivorism question

Oct 21 1999

Dear Randy:

Have you consulted HPB's THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY on this subject ?  Is
there some statement there that is not clear?

> This reads just like the answer one might expect from a "God wrote the
Bible" evangelist.  The answer, Dallas, to these questions will never be
found in a book.  We can share our experiences, the opinions we derive
from them, and in so doing - thus facilitating "brotherhood" - we may
get closer to some of the answers.  Books give us food for thought, and
a basis for discussion.  What is your take on the "New Testament" letter
of Paul known as 1 Corinthians?  It addresses the question of "wisdom in
a mystery" directly.  See what I mean?  Anyone can refer to a book, but
will it make the contents of the book reliable, 100% truth, thereby
solving all mysteries?  Or maybe we haven't yet found the right book?


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