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RE: carnivorism question

Oct 21, 1999 05:01 AM
by W. Dallas TenBroeck

Oct 21 1999

Dear Randy:

Briefly and theosophically it is NOT.

Any one who truly looks into their own physical existence has to
realize that the law of cooperation and brotherhood alone provide us
with the bodies we use.  It takes a little searching to find out what
the mind and soul are.

And regarding your question on sex.  Why is it done?  Only an ethical
basis will answer you several questions.  Either it is a plaything, or
it is a serious and important thing that ought not to be trifled
with -- as is now ever more commonly done.  In any case should we not
be acquainted with the physiological and "transmission of diseases"
aspects of its usage ?

The suggestion of a Universal of brotherliness and cooperation far
outweighs any concept of a purely "dog eat dog" concept.  None of us
would be alive right now if that were the basic underlying rule of

To be useful one cannot be selective in one's discovery of Nature's
laws and being.  All has to be considered.

Have you consulted HPB's THE KEY TO THEOSOPHY on this subject ?  Is
there some statement there that is not clear?

Best wishes,



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> Date: Thursday, October 21, 1999 2:30 AM
> Subject: carnivorism question

Is there a sage out there who can answer this question:

Why is the world based upon carnivorism?  Even in a broader sense all
depends for its sustenance on the destruction of other life.  Even
vegetarians are killers.

Why would whoever is responsible for the world create such atrocity
when so
many other options would be available to someone with omnipotence.? (I
understand the balances in nature, natural selection, etc. so please
address just the issue of present biological balance.  I'm interested
in the
motives of whoever conceived of what appears to most humans as macabre
best.  It is of interest that the rest of creation does not seem to
these sensitivities.)

It's hard to extract the lesson of love in creation when watching a
swallow a mouse,  a lion fall a baby zebra or a tarantula devouring
sister.  Or go visit a slaghter house or a factory chicken or hog farm
if you
think the packages of meat you buy come from animals that have died
deaths after a delightful life of browsing on amber waves of grain.

Gotta go.  There's a special on the Nature Channel about how cocodiles
apart wildebeests as they come to the last water hole to get a few
because of the drought

Thanks, Randy

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