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Re: theos-l digest: October 19, 1999

Oct 20, 1999 04:19 PM
by Alan

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> Date: Wednesday, October 20, 1999 7:04 AM
> Subject: Re: theos-l digest: October 19, 1999

> I don't want to 'return' to the symbolic
> Garden of Eden, I want to surpass it - create something better, and
> better yet again - the 'Garden of Eden' seems just another stop sign,
> another prison.

Dear Kym

I'm not surprised.  Returning to something which is symbolic would, I
suspect, be impossible.  My own take of the Garden of Eden equates it
with the World of Briah in Kabbalism, which is a real place in a
different dimension, akin in some ways to the theosophical Devachan.
>From here we can occasionally peep over the hedge, but no more, except
in rare Out of the Body experience.  One reason it is rare is that it
tends to frighten the S..T out of us.

For the record, the "myth" of the Garden of Eden is part of the same
esoteric tradition as Kabbalism, which helps me to be a great and wise
person in these matters.  I realise that this last statement will
generate huge amounts of negative karma.  If you find this happens, I
suggest you don't read it.

[Carried back to cell by compassionate guards]

Alan :0)

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