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Re: theos-l digest: October 19, 1999

Oct 19, 1999 11:04 PM
by kymsmith

Jerry wrote:

>My skin has
>thickened a lot over the years. In some ways, this
>list is a good test of our Theosophy because we can
>use it to learn ways to get over our normal human
>urge to attack in revenge and to return flames
>with yet more flames.

Amen.  One benefit of having been on this list is not only developing a
thick skin regarding flaming or disagreement, but also taking that thick
skin out into daily life.  A thick skin does not mean one is arrogant; it
is a just a growth in self-confidence and tolerance.  Just today, I
announced in class that I believed we were all gods and then, stupidly,
tried to introduce the concept of the Demiurge.  That thick skin came in
real handy today.  I can't say that some of the negative comments
pertaining to my mental state from students didn't sting, but they
certainly didn't hurt as much as they would have previously.  Everything is
so intertwined - from this list to life to life to life.  Amazing.

Humanity really has been imprisoned by the idea that we are mere sinners
and/or impotent mortals.  This has kept us from developing a responsible
philosophy to go along with technological and creative advances.  Specific
example: humanity is learning how to create life - a god attribute.  Some
say that to be genuinely god-like is to create something from nothing - but
I do not recall there being anything in Genesis that claimed God created
the world out of nothing and humanity (Western) is willing to crown Yahweh
of the bible as God.

Those who desire the "apocalypse" seem to want some being (be it God or
whatever) to come in, clean up our mess, and then lead us around by the
snout for eternity.  I understand that recognizing our own divinity
requires taking on the responsibility of being god-like, and for some,
including myself at times, responsibility is a scary idea.  But, most of
the time for me, the idea that we are the creators of our world, destiny,
and self is a joyful liberation.  I don't want to 'return' to the symbolic
Garden of Eden, I want to surpass it - create something better, and then
better yet again - the 'Garden of Eden' seems just another stop sign,
another prison.

I don't know how long we can pretend that we don't actually have power -
scientists experiment, clone, and modify in secrecy for fear of public
backlash.  So, consequently, what we deny with closed minds and eyes goes
on anyway and then, when we find out about Dolly, we flip out with shock
and then wonder what the hell to do now.  Why do we insist on being
ambushed by our own divinity?  It's like a dirty little family secret that
we don't want the neighbors to know and it eats at us, slowly yet surely.
We can either face it or go mad.

I've unloaded now - thank you for your time and attention.


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