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Theosophical Brotherhood

Oct 19, 1999 06:24 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Brand your critics as "unbrotherly", paint yourself as a saint suffering
Theosophy - and then do what you want with the Society's publications and

God, I hope not!

The problem here, as I see it, is one of motive or intent. The
above may be an honest perception from an observer, but
what if one is doing this with good intentions; his/her observation
would be just the opposite from the other observer.  We all
know that people can observe the same events very differently,
and it is devilishly hard to know one's inner motive or degree
of sincerity. I have no experience at all with Conger.  My
experiences with Long, Knoche, and Donant demonstrated
that they are honest and sincere (have you seen Grace's aura?
I have and I was impressed). I don't have any easy answer
here and compassion, like most things, can be faked or it
can be sincere.

Jerry S.

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