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Re: Cable Modems and Security

Oct 19, 1999 01:15 PM
by Hazarapet

In a message dated 10/19/99 8:16:22 AM Central Daylight Time,

> Anyway - I've probably gone on too long here ... point is, while cable modem
>  security *can* be made relatively robust, it is simply wrong to say that
>  there is no difference between going online with a 56k dial-up modem and
>  going online with a cable modem.

Why don't you mention the problems with the new satelite-cellular style
modems and ISPs?  They have all the security problems of early cellular
phones and the technology to solve them is classified (Air Force 1 had the
setup first so they could email etc. via satelite.  There is the funny but
true story of the email sent by then NSC advisor Oliver North to Dan Quayle,
"I returned your wig and dress.  Sorry that the heal to one of the pumps is
broken.").  The story was published by Peter G. Neumann, Head of the Computer
Section at SRI International Labs and moderator of the RISKS Forum.  Grigor

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