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Creative Karma

Oct 18, 1999 06:11 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>Jerry--What is the basis for your belief that the universe was created by
"our" collective Karma?
Thanks, Randy>>

This idea can be found in many many of the new books
available today on Tibetan Buddhism.

"...manifestations of mind (sems snang), that is, manifestations
of the creative potentiality of Awareness (rig-pa'i rtsal) ... This
is what is meant here by "the creator" (byed-pa-po) and not
some transcendental God (or Supreme Person) who
creates the universe."  (THE GOLDEN LETTERS, p 241)

"Candrakirti's Introduction to the Central Way states:
The mind itself creates living beings
And the great variety of worlds where they live.
It is also taught that all forms of life are produced from
evolutionary actions;
But without the mind, there would be no action.

Thus, generally speaking [the agent that creates the world]
is the minds of being in general and in particular the minds
of those beings who have performed concordant actions
(such as those that impel them to be born in the same
world-system).  Principally, [the agent[ is the radiant
awareness nature of the mind of each being."
(MYRIAD WORLDS, pp 176-177

In the above quote, "concordant actions of the mind,"
refer, I think, to our collective karma.

Gaytso, in one of his books says specifically that
the world was created and is maintained by our
karma. I can find this for you  later if you want.
I have not seen the term "collective karma"
used in Tibetan Buddhism as such, but they do
use terms that mean much the same thing.

Jerry S.

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