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Re: near-death experiences

Oct 19, 1999 03:21 PM
by Alan

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> I would absolutely love to hear more details about this and other
> experiences, from your own personal perspectives, not based on
> Christine Hanson
Right.  Short version. (I think I wrote this one to theos-l or ti-l once

Age 14, swimming in the sea.  Caught in outgoing current.  Tried to swim
back, but became exhausted.  Gave up trying, realising that I was bound
to drown, as cries for help had not been heard.  It was as if a key was
pressed in my mind/brain which said "Begin dying procedure" (having
received message that I was about to drown).

As the story goes, my entire life to that moment passed before my "eyes"
like a silent movie, very fast, yet I was able to watch and note every
scene and frame.  Then the process went back to the beginning, and a
slower life review began.  This time I was in the movie experiencing
again all the *emotions* and *feelings* than accompanied the events.
The difference from life as we usually experience it was 1) that I knew
I was in a movie, and most importantly, 2) that I experienced the
emotions and feelings of all the people with whom I had *direct* contact
through *word* or deed.

I got to around the age of seven going on eight.  I was in the school
playground, and as kids do, I flung some innocent but derogatory remark
at one of the girls there as I was running past her.  My remark *hurt*
her - a lot.  In that moment, *her* hurt was *my* hurt.  I felt exactly
what *she* felt in that moment, *as my own hurt.*  I began to wonder
about this, but then a pair of very strong arms grabbed me, and was
pulled, in classic life-saving manner, gasping for breath, back to the

This, I suspect, is the reality of "karma" and needs no reincarnation
for its experience.  It is also the "last judgement" in Christian
teaching.  So when, if he said it, Jesus said, "Inasmuch as you do harm
one to of these little ones, you do it to me" he was not being symbolic,
metaphorical, philosophical, or anything of that sort.  He was just
telling it how it is.

Since then I have tried to develop this same awareness in life as we
ordinarily experience it, with a degree of success, though not as
powerful as during the drowning experience.  It would be regarded by
some as a "power" or "siddhi" a knowing the mind of another person
during a period of interaction with that person.  This is very
educational, and teaches some very special lessons.  Some follow:

1. If you are going to seek "powers" be careful - it may not be fun.  It
can be downright nasty.
2. You may often listen while someone piles lie upon lie to you.  You
*know* they are lying, even if they believe their own lie.
3. Don't tell them!  They will hate you forever.
4. It can be great.  Someone may be radiating friendship or even love
directly to you.  You will feel it as they feel it.
5. Don't tell them!  Be grateful.  (This works very strongly with
animals, which is one reason I joined the RSPCA).
6. I can enable you to take preventative measures against persons with
malicious intent.
7. It can also enable you to influence people, as you are able to
experience their responses to your words and deeds.
8. By extension, it can enable you to manipulate people.  Don't do it -
they will know (albeit unconsciously) that they are being manipulated,
and will feel very angry and very bad.  It follows that you will
experience this anger and badness as your own, and you won't like it

In short, being friendly, nice, "brotherly" and "sisterly" to one
another has to be the best option.  "Universal Brotherhood" a la TS is a
fact of life.  As no one is perfect, many of our brothers and sisters
are quite horrible people, just as they may be in many smaller
"families."  Soooo.... watch what you so, and watch what you say.  It
is, as the man himself is quoted as saying, that what comes *out* of our
mouths is more "defiling" than anything that goes into it.

[Slaps wrist for naughty thought].

I have other experiences, but maybe it would serve our pupose best if we
discussed this one, and shared others, before I offer any more.

Alan :0)

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