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Re: ES-stuff

Oct 18, 1999 02:42 AM
by hesse600


> Your response was wonderful.
> hesse600 wrote:
> >> It is only by a select group of brave souls, a handful of
> determined men and women hungry for genuine spiritual
> development and the acquirement of soul-wisdom, that the
> Theosophical Society at large can be brought back to its
> original lines.>

> Don't we have such a group here on the Internet? with no financial, ethnic
> or other axes to grind and attitudes more reflecting the First Object --
> without discrimination of any kind? Of course 100 years ago there was no
> Internet so HPB was addressing the needs of that time, IMHO.
nice thought. In fact any meeting of people who search
after truth is such and I am lucky enough to have such
meetings regularly inside the TS-Adyar :-), (had one this
weekend) , but I know I am an exception in that, on this

> Also we have to keep in mind that great achievements were made by
> individuals and not groups or masses.
Good point, but those individuals can only achieve anything
if the world respondes apropriately. In short: if the time
is right.

> Have you read Ernest Wood's book "Is This Theosophy?"
It is on my list of *should read*, but the Collected
Writings are first :-). I suppose I should squeeze it in

> In it he describes how he joined the ES and was given some practical
> instructions on meditation and how he found that his own method which he
> was using for a long time (based on his reading books) was working better
> for him. He also mentions that what is secret is the practical techniques,
> the details of which of course he did not discuss.
> I also heard of an instance when two members who were single at that time
> decided to live together and one of the other members spied on them and
> reported their action and seems to have been told to leave and they left
> for good.
> Probably if you had joined, you may not be posting any messages here!!!!
Well, I cannot imagine anyone curtailing my freedom for
long. But yes, one of the reasons for not joining the ES
was that I was afraid my own conscience would have to be
made (by that vow) subsurvient to somebody elses.

> >
> My dislike for the ES is therefore in direct proportion to
> the pretentions at wisdom, and the lack of flexibility in
> the way the rules are applied.
> In HPB's days the rules were meant as advice. When one
> broke a rule, one was responsible to one's own
> consciousness. All this is gone. Recently in Brasil a man
> was expelled from the ES because of his sexual orientation. >
> Again may be someone spied on the sexual orientation?
No, what I heard was that he was simply honest enough to
come out of the closet.
But some Brasilian friend on this list may know more?

NHL Leeuwarden

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