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Re: ES-stuff

Oct 16, 1999 02:59 PM

There appears to be a requirement to conform to other areas of activities,
violation of which appears to be asked to leave or being thrown out. I have
not seen anyone talk about it anywhere.

When I was young, I always wondered why ES members were not active in the
Indian Independence movement, especially the non violent protest movements
pioneered by Gandhi when led India to become an independent country.

Some years ago I read that when Besant was at the helm, she forbade the ES
members from participating in the Indian nonviolent movement pioneered by

While I had been around several ES members, no one talked about this.

Had the Indian Public listened to Besant and followed her strategy, perhaps
India would still be a dominion of England and continue to lack
industrialization of the country. Better judgement of the masses was to
follow Gandhi's strategy which did succeed and British left India.

There was a msg posted on this maillist several years ago about the
personal experience of a member who was alleged to have violated some
official policy of TSA which resulted in her being asked to leave and of
course several months later she was invited to join back.

Once bitten twice shy, as I recall it, she wanted to get an answer if a
certain course of action demanded of her was in conflict with her own
conscience, would she be allowed to follow her conscience and it appears
she got no reply and did not join back.

It would be good for all theosophist to know some of the instances because
rarely anyone talks about these things. There may be other instances others
maybe aware of and sharing them would get a flavor of what is expected of
its members.


At 03:59 PM 10/13/1999 +0200, hesse600 wrote:
Hi Christine,

You wanted to know why so many of us have something against
the ES, so I will give you my reasons for having trouble
with it. I agree mostly with Kym:

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