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Re: theos-l digest: October 13, 1999

Oct 13, 1999 10:28 PM
by kymsmith

Jerry wrote:

>I am very tired of all of
>the CWL bashing, Conger bashing, Adyar bashing, Pasadena
>bashing, ULT bashing and so on and on like a bunch of
>children.  As far as I am concerned, Frank and anyone else
>who sends personal flames against people are hypocrites.

Hypocrites maybe, but I've yet to meet a human who has been able to, in
some way or another, avoid personal comparisons.  Some may not be as
blatant, but, nevertheless, even the "most enlightened" people fall into
the trap of suggesting that others may not be up to their belief system
par.  It's called being human, I think.

As far as "bashing," well, some people have some very serious concerns
about personalities in Theosophy and life itself.  What one terms
"bashing," another may believe it is genuine distress.  Labeling those who
vent their disagreement with others as "children" is an example of someone
believing that because others do not agree or approach life in the same way
are somehow less mature than themselves.  "Bashing" others for "bashing"
others is yet another example of being human, Jerry.

>I am a liscensed professional counselor with a PhD in
>Human Services and a lot of psychology courses etc, and
>my professional opinion is that Frank is exhibiting a
>compulsive obsessive behavior disorder, and I strongly
>recommend that he gets some professional help.

I highly respect you, Jerry, and often agree with your observations about
life.  However, I am surprised that, as a professional counselor, you would
announce to the cyber world that Frank is "exhibiting a compusive obsessive
behavior disorder."  Surely more information about Frank is needed to come
to such a conclusion.  A writer is often much different in person.  If
Frank chooses to vent his frustration out in e-mail, rather on family
members or other people he may come in contact with, I say "Go, Frank!."  I
would rather see an furious e-mail poster than an enraged parent,
co-worker, or spouse.  The reasons for Frank's behavior in writings are so
unknown at this point that I shudder to think that a professional counselor
would make such a judgment.

>In short, if we can't talk like adults about Theosophical
>history, then we shouldn't talk about it at all.

Requiring a person to be an "adult" all the time is not the sign of a
healthy society.  Too much of our time is spent being "grown-up" and not
feeling free enough to say what we feel.

I personally think Frank is over the top in his use of personal barbs and
if I were the target, I would, indeed, feel attacked and unnecessarily
subjected to terms and mannerisms that attempt to diminsh my personhood.
My feelings would be hurt.  Often other readers avoid making comments or
stand by as another is verbally assaulted, but it doesn't mean they don't
notice who is doing what to who.  Perhaps it is those of us, including
myself, who are more at fault for a person's suffering than the person who
inflicts the suffering - if more people became "involved" there would be
far less crime, anguish, and death in this world.

One of the hardest tests in life is managing to avoid becoming "like those
we despise" in the heat of the moment.  I've yet to pass that test.  Good
luck to you and Frank.


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