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Re: theos-l digest: October 14, 1999

Oct 16, 1999 04:17 AM
by kymsmith

Frank wrote:

>Kym, may I be your chair??? Serioulsy too.

Depends.  How fuzzy are you?  How wide are you?  Do you stand unforgivingly
upright or are you for the casual sitter?  You needn't be super
stain-proofed as no children live here.  Will you accomodate animals
comfortably?  And the shape of your legs are important.  Are they knobby,
bowed, or straight?  What color are you?  What era are you representing -
modern, Victorian, classic?

Sorry, but must keep my decor in mind - yeah, yeah, yeah, spirituality is
important, but a tastefully arranged house keeps gossip at bay.

>I love
>chairs. And Rilke.

I once had the audacity of using the name of "Rilke" as my e-mail name.
Shameful.  I earnestly hope he forgives me. . ..


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