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Re: theos-l digest: October 15, 1999

Oct 16, 1999 03:53 AM
by kymsmith

Alan wrote to Jerry:

>>[Jerry] I like to think that
>> we Theosophists are a bit more mature than most
>ROFIH!  [Rolls on floor in hysterics]
>Sorry, Jerry!
>I am often tempted to think that our brains are more addled than most.
>A nice word, "addled."

Maybe all those "entities" seeking housing are the cause, or could be the
paper manufacturing/ink chemicals reeking from the book pages, or could be
that mostly only borderline-wacky people to begin with gravitate to
Theosophy.  Who knows?  A profound question, indeed.  The TS should place a
disclaimer on books of self-discovery - "Warning: Reading this may cause
one's brain to become addled."  Since many people will not understand what
"addled" means, it will be a profit-clever and legally effective way to
dodge any potential lawsuits.

>"He hath Mercury in the Fishes, and
>his brain is addled with it!"
>"My birthday was on Friday 13th
>this year.  It's on the 13th next year as well."

Now, goddess bless those folks!  If nothing else, the comic relief they
provide is certainly priceless.

>Love to all, with extra to Kym.

Check's in the mail, Alan!  Love you lots, too, my friend.

By the way, thoroughly enjoyed your reponse post to Husiar.


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