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Conger Throwing Out His Students

Oct 15, 1999 06:20 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>It was Conger who launched a new TS called Pasadena and left the pupils of
KT and GdeP alone - not the contrary as Jerry S. will us make belief.>>

Here you are mixing fact with your own fantasy.  Indeed, Conger did launch
the Pasadena TS, just as Donant says in his accurate historical essay.
(Do you see, Frank, how by sliding in the word "accurate" here I reveal
a hidden bias to what I am saying?  The problem is that you do this all
the time and apparently don't even realize it.)

Please quote anything I ever said to the effect that I ever said anything
to "the contrary" as you say above. When did I ever say that he did
not leave some "pupils of KT and GdeP alone?" ) Frank, your poor
choice of wording suggests an image of the old Colonel bodily
tossing out his very best students into the night without food or
shelter, from his wheelchair, just because he was following the Dark
Brothers (which is the TS equivalent to the Christian Satan and has
just as much reality). Your sense of history is so entirely misbegotton
and distorted that I can only wonder at the hatred of those who can
tell what happened in such a twisted manner. Hatred twists history,
and this has happened throughout countries and in all times, and is
why any good historian will always look carefully at both sides
of any historical event. Truth is usually somewhere in between the
views of the two sides.  Slander, whether it be against Conger, CWL,
Krishnamurti, or anyone else whom we disagree with, is always
wrong because it comes not from any truth but from our own hidden
emotional contents and will poison us in the end.

Jerry S.

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