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Re: theos-l digest: October 14, 1999

Oct 14, 1999 11:11 PM
by kymsmith

Robert wrote:

>I am fully enlightened and have no belief system does that mean I'm not

Ok - I'm trying to figure out if you are being serious or tongue-in-cheek
here.  Hmmmm.  Ok, I'll bite the apple. . .you know us women and all.

First, if you were "fully enlightened," (I like how you said "fully" rather
than "almost" or "a little" - clarification is always good - but I
digress).  Let me start over. . .if you are, as you say, "fully
enlightened," tell me why you believe you are.

Second, it is impossible to be a human and not have a belief system, unless
you're in a coma.  Do you believe you are a human?  Do you believe you have
legs?  Do you have ANY opinions about ANYTHING?  If you answered "yes" to
any of these questions, you have a belief system.  When you hear your phone
ring, do you answer it? - if so, I bet you do so because you believe that
someone will be on the other end - hence, a belief system.

Third:  No, it does not mean you are not human if you don't have a belief
system and you are fully enlightened - but you'd be a monk in a veggie
state.  However, not having a belief system and being fully enlightened
does not mean you ARE a human.  I believe that there are entities (animals,
spirits, etc.) that are fully enlightened and may not have a belief system
(although I hesitate on that point).  I believe, as Tibetan Buddhists do,
that enlightened souls/spirits can incarnate into animals or anything else
that will serve a particular purpose.  I do not buy the "human hierarchy"

So, were you serious in your query or simply yanking my chain?


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