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Re: theos-l digest: October 14, 1999

Oct 14, 1999 11:50 PM
by kymsmith

Jerry wrote:

>I do not see his actions as either
>good or bad (which are cultural and social labels
>that encourage emotion and hide truth) but rather
>that he did what he felt he had to do under the
>circumstances at the time.

Jerry, I understand, and agree, with the crux of what you are saying, but
to utilize the classic example of Hitler and his henchmen in WWII, how
would you term Hitler's actions if using terms such as "good" or "bad" are

In your post, "Response to Frank," you mention that "Conger did what he
felt he had to so for the harmony of the TS."  People do many things in the
name of "harmony" or "unification," but does it always deserve defending?
Hitler and many Germans really believed that their country was under threat
due to the Vienna Convention and economic crisis, along with beliefs about
historical lands once claimed as theirs.  They feared complete dissolution.
 I do not know anything about Conger, so you may be right on about him, or
not - again, I have no clue.  But, how does one teach Compassion while
accepting the sometimes terrible, sometimes wonderful, things people do
under the cloak of "harmony?"  If someone were flaming Hitler - and I'm not
being flippant, I'm very serious - wouldn't you find yourself bound by your
statement above to defend him?  If not, why?  And how would you "label"
what Hitler and his followers did?  More to the point: How would you
explain it in terms that non-Theosophists would understand if you couldn't
use the term "bad?"

Just so you know, I ask the above questions both for general purposes and
for personal guidance/advice.


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