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Response to Frank

Oct 15, 1999 06:06 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>> If others therefore
attacking me as having "borderline disorder" and the like as Jerry S.
(Heavens, forgive him) it cares me not much, as such attacks are only
against the personality and not against my Higher Self.>>

I am sorry that you think I was personally attacking you, Frank.
I was trying to warn you out of a concern for your health, nothing

Yes, of course, sickness and health apply only to the personality.

>>I am still waiting for facts or any good reason why in worldly ways or
occult laws any leader of any organizations has the right to threat and
force pupils to believe blindly anything he claims and then, after not doing
so, lies and attacks them and withdraws the membership cards.>>

You are waiting for "facts" to substantiate events that exist only
in your own mind.  The events that you talk about happened,
but your emotional inflectives such as "lies" and "attacks" show
your hidden obsessive attachment to your own
interpretation of these events. This is exactly why I worry about
your mental health. Mental health is very funny in this country
because no one thinks a thing about going to a doctor for a
physical problem, but at the suggestion of a mental disorder
we think we are being personally attacked. Very strange social
attitude.  Anyway,

Fact: Conger never lied about anything.
Fact: Conger never attacked anyone (My Websters says that
to attack means "fall upon with force or violence; assault"
which is exactly what Frank means to imply and borders on
slander which I find very sad in any self-proclaimed Theosophist.
This kind of emotional crap conjures up an image of an old
Army Col in a wheelchair striking his TS members with a cane
or somesuch, which is downright silly).
Fact: Conger warned disruptive members what would happen.
Fact: Conger basically withdrew membership for all whom
he considered to be disruptive after warning them first (which is
all Frank's "attack" comes down to).
Fact: As Leader he was within his rights to do so.
Fact: Any guru can drop any chela for just about any reason
at any time and some would say that a TS Leader is a guru
of sorts by definition.
Fact: HBP also had many disruptive pupils and finally made
them sign very strong pledges to her with the provision that
they could be expelled if they did not honor the pledge.

Hows that Frank?

>>Would HPB ever did such things?

In a New York minute.

Jerry S.

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