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Re: Mahatma's

Oct 11, 1999 01:53 AM
by hesse600

> In a message dated 10/5/99 3:05:05 AM Central Daylight Time,
> writes:
> > Ergo, a) The writers were not mahatmas, or b) mahatmas are not all they
> >  > are cracked up to be, or c) they were written by someone else (singular
> >  > or plural).
> >  I think they were simply not all they were cracked up to
> >  be (in fact they said so).
Grigor wrote:
> Again, I think people have too much of a high exalted view of the
> mahatmas.  Even mahatmas are fallible.

In order to make it a bit more clear what I do and don't
think about Mahatma's I will summarize my views for you:

I will start with the bottom rung of the ladder.

In my opinion a lay-chela is anyone of us: a person
studying theosophy, philosophy, psychology or LIFE and
trying to live the best way they can, but still very often
selfish, often ignorant of pain (in others) and turning
away from helping an outcast for social reasons. (why do
people get harassed emotionally or sexually in the
workplace? -> people avoid helping each other, for fear of
the group and the Power that be)
The lay-chela is therefore a normal person who differs from
the rest of humanity only in that he/she tries to be
better. There are obviously very many of these.

The chela is more devoted to truth and justice. Those
concerns have become a central part of their being. He/She
will try actively to remedy small or bigger wrongs in
his/her environment, regardless of social or economical
consequences (not without reason though). THeir eyes are
ever on the alert - is it neccessary for me to step in and
help at this moment?
Chela's have had many of their unconscious motivations,
dreams and fears brought to the surface of their
consciousness and in dealing with them has been able not to
totally succumb: has not become insane or a thief for

The Mahatma still has personal defects, his/her divine self
is not always in control of what he/she does, but the
maya's of emotions and fears do not control his words and

So, my idea is not at all that the Mahatma's are
infallible, the idea is that they are closer to their
divine self and less guided by the delusions of emotions.

NHL Leeuwarden

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