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Absolute Time?

Oct 06, 1999 11:01 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>As Einstein himself put it in his paper
on Special Relativity, he doesn't know what
time is.  He is going to accept the "conventional
time" of physics.  This is a reference back to
Newton who said he could not find any means
to measure absolute time so he was going
to replace it, as conventional time, the uniform
mecahnical motion of a clock. >>

Physics can't tell us what absolute time is.
I agree, because I am not so sure that such a
thing exists.  In fact, I have recently come to
suspect whether any absolutes at all exist
(Dallas will take gas at this one).  But we each
have an inner sense of time, of events passing
by one after the other in serial order, sometimes
fast and sometimes slow.  This is basically an inner
conviction or experience of what thermo calls the
Arrow of Time, and it has a lot to do with entropy.

I can't really find anything in your postings to
argue with, but you do seem to find much faulty
thinking in mine. You need to be more
specific if you want me to try to make my
thoughts clearer. Casually throwing flames
and concluding off the cuff that I do not understand
physics like you do will not get us anywhere at all.

Jerry S.

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