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Oct 06, 1999 10:50 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>In physics, what is
called "time" is just this comparison of two
physical motions where one is arbitrarily set
up as a standard.  >>

I think that this is pretty much what I said at
the beginning. Time requires motion, which
requires space to move in and something to move
within that space.  Each depends on the other for
its existence or at least for its meaning. This is
a basic formula of Mahayana Buddhism called
dependent origination.

Although I am not a physicist, I did write a
physics book some years ago and I do have
two Ph.D.s one of which is in interdisciplinary
studies comparing chaos theory to Jungian
psychology. I think I understand very well
what you are saying and where you are
coming from. Nevertheless, I still stand by
everything I have written or said, which does
(I have to admit) mesh Theosophy, occultism,
and physics together somewhat (too bad I
don't make the kind of money out of this that
Capra and others do...).

Jerry S.

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