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Re Space & Time

Oct 06, 1999 11:15 AM
by Gerald Schueler

>>So, yes, the physiological
motions of an astronauts body, in theory,
would slow down - aging would slow down.
But really, not time but temporal and spatial
motions other than light are relativized to
lights speed as an invariant constant in
special relativity.  >>

What is the difference between your "aging would
slow down" and my "time slows down?"  Aging
is a time-dependent process. Of course, when
I state that time goes slower as mass increases,
I am speaking of relative time or time as it is
measured by any observers on that mass in
comparison with observers far from that mass.
I do not believe that absolute time or absolute
space exist in any meaningful way. For purposes
of Theosophical discussions we can talk about
spiritual space and spiritual time or time on the
such-and-so plane, but to talk about absolutes
is beyond our mortal minds to comprehend and
is thus pretty much meaningless (nor can we
really grasp the concepts of infinities and complex
numbers that we use in mathematics).

My own experiences suggest to me that at the
spiritual or divine level, there is no time and no
space at all.  The notion of space and time going
on and on forever appears to me to be a human
concept that has no reality.

Of course, your own experiences may be quite

Jerry S.

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