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Re: apostles, TS,problems

Sep 23, 1999 04:46 AM
by hesse600

 Bart wrote:

> 	Check out the roots of the word "apostle". It does NOT mean "student"
 in any sense.


But in general usage "apostle's" are usually not regarded
to be as saintly or so as Jesus, are they? In fact, if one
tries to imagine Sai Baba's Apostles, not that he has any,
they are just *ordinary* human beings who are impressed
with what he says and does and want to spread the message.
In short: fallible. I know the pope pretends to be
infallible, but I am concerned more with the reality than
the pretence, or try to be, anyhow...

 Christine wrote:
 > Even Jesus' apostles had problems - just look at what
happened with Judas.

Katinka wrote:
> Since apostles are *only* students, it is obvious that
 problesms will come up. How else are we going to learn? No
 pain, no gain...


NHL Leeuwarden

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