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Re: forced out? ES, LCC, co-mason's

Sep 20, 1999 05:48 AM
by hesse600

Hi Bart,
Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> Not entirely; I personally think that the E.S. lost it's
steam when  Annie Besant died, and find the "unofficial"
organizations, like the LCC  and the co-Mason's, a little
too official for my taste. (Every now and then when an
LCC'er complains about the neo-pagan movement, I say, "Yeah,
all they want to do is wear funny costumes and burn candles
and incense while performing their ceremonies!")>
The ES lost steam after Annie Besant died? I thought she
changed the TS thoroughly first? That is where the problem
is, as far as I am concerned.
The LCC and the co-Mason's do not seem like official
organisations to me, here in Holland, I do not know about
other countries.

NHL Leeuwarden

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