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Re: forced out?

Sep 20, 1999 05:41 AM
by hesse600

Bart Lidofsky wrote:

> 	It isn't? It wouldn't be strange to split the national section into
> multiple geogrpahical areas (East Canada, West Canada), but it does seem
> strange to have two sections covering the same geographical area. Do you
> know any ways such a situation might be anything but confusing (this is
> a real question)?
The logical reason for doing so, would be that the two
sections have a very different approach to the theosophical
doctrines and or a very different approach to the three
objects of the TS. The first was the reason that London
used to have two TS-branches, the second reason was
probably the reason in Canada...?
As long as every one is clear that to work in different
directions does not automatically mean that one or the
other is working *against* theosophy, then there is no
confusion, I should think.


NHL Leeuwarden

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