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Re: Lock-step mentality

Sep 21, 1999 06:59 AM
by hesse600

I wrote:
> > I do want a TS where a person who does not
believe in reincarnation will feel as welkom as one who
 does, and to achieve that, we need an open and therefore
 democratic environment where criticism is as possible and
 welkom as it is on this (and other) lists.
Alan wrote:
> So do I.
> I also want to win the lottery.
> (Though the lottery offers better odds)

 me again:

Well, in feeling welkom, I think that the TS is not a
uniform whole. In some parts members and non-members with
very different idea's feel welkom (some lodges, some
meetings about certain subjects) whereas other groups tend
to exclude people more or less involuntarily.
And before you tell me the first kind doesn't exist: I know
of at least three groups here in Europe, mostly in Holland,
because I do not know the TS in the rest of Europe, or the
world as well.


NHL Leeuwarden

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