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Re: forced out? ES, LCC, co-mason's

Sep 21, 1999 06:54 AM
by hesse600

Hi Alan,

> > The LCC and the co-Mason's do not seem like official
 organisations to me, here in Holland, I do not know about
 other countries.

> Here in Britain the LCC and the Co-Masonic Order are quite separate
 organisations, and have been for many years.  There are
quite a number of TS members in the LCC, but much fewer
within the Co-Masons (which I belonged to for a time).

> I have met a number of LCC clergy in your country, and they were rarely
 interested in Theosophy in a TS sense.

Yes, that is what is my impression too, they usually (I
know of one exception) seem more interested in just doing
the service, without having to think about it. Sounds like
the carry around candles and wearing a costume, story....


NHL Leeuwarden

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