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Re: forced out? ES, LCC, co-mason's

Sep 20, 1999 04:27 PM
by Alan

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> From: hesse600 <>
> Date: Monday, September 20, 1999 1:48 PM
> Subject: Re: forced out? ES, LCC, co-mason's

> The LCC and the co-Mason's do not seem like official
> organisations to me, here in Holland, I do not know about
> other countries.

Here in Britain the LCC and the Co-Masonic Order are quite separate
organisations, and have been for many years.  There are quite a number
of TS members in the LCC, but much fewer within the Co-Masons (which I
belonged to for a time).

I have met a number of LCC clergy in your country, and they were rarely
interested in Theosophy in a TS sense.


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