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Re: theos-l digest: September 18, 1999

Sep 19, 1999 12:15 PM
by JMahnich

Dal wrote :

>Thanks that is very useful to remember concerning the knowledge that
>HPB and the Masters showed.
>If that were adequate proof that they knew as much or more than
>academicians, then Students of Theosophy would be encouraged to pursue
>their studies with greater confidence and diligence.
>How many instances can be brought forward to demonstrate that
>Theosophy is a wisdom from our combined experience in the past, and
>was recorded by the Masters for us to use  ?

    It just wake me up to communicate again on this platform. Looking at wha=
is flying on this network (fight for mind-mastering, who is right, who is=20
wrong, what has happened or supposed to happen long time ago,...) I feel thi=
communication network could be of such a great tool to communicate and=20
exchange ideas and researches linked to the "theosophical goals" as defined=20
early on (basic theosophic goals n=B0 2 and 3).

    Looking at the tremendous progress made during the last 30 years in=20
sciences like fundamental physics, cosmology, particles physics and so on,=20
one can be but astounded by so many ideas which are opening new ways of=20
thinking / reasoning about the nature of things ,and these new concepts woul=
need to be analyzed and compared somehow with what ancestral culture told us=20
, specially because many new idea are promising one, the scientific communit=
having since long abandonned the idea of detaining the truth.

    I hope this network could welcome such discussions / studies about basic=20
nature of the universe, challenging the latest theories like symmetries=20
breaking, m-theory, standard model and the like.

Jacques Mahnich

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