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RE: theos-l digest: September 16, 1999 REVOCATION -- EXCOMMUNICATION etc.

Sep 17, 1999 05:05 PM
by M K Ramadoss


You are right on target.

Give you an example of a personal experience.=20

In many correspondences I had with a well known theosophist who carried
himself as a scholar and perhaps considers himself as a "leader", I always
used to address him in my communication as "Dear Bro. ..." and he used to
respond as Dear Bro. Ramadoss, started addressing me as Dear Mr. Ramadoss
from the time I disagreed with him on several non-occult non-philosophical
matters. It is actions like these that seem to indicate that theosophical
ideas and objects are may not very deeply ingrained in spite of "head
learning" scholarship and bookish knowledge about the details of
cosmogenesis and anthropogenesis.=20

When newbees watch such actions, they are at a loss & wonder about the
preaching of brotherhood and non-practice of brotherhood. It is not the
fault of theosophy. It is the fault of the persons.=20

On the other hand when you find some very sincere unlearned person deals
with another person just motivated the principle of brotherhood, it
genuineness touchs everyone's heart and makes a long standing good=


At 03:37 PM 09/17/1999 -0700, W. Dallas TenBroeck wrote:
Sept 17th 1999

Dear Friends:

		Revocation,  Excommunication, etc...

But what have those things to do with THEOSOPHY ?

Are we degraded to the level of the common churches that we fight over
assets and the right interpretation of the teachings?

I imagine that anyone who joins the T S does so because of its ideals
and because of its brotherhood, and because it means the end of any
sectarian fighting or any "authority" as to the interpretation of the

And now this !

What a blot on the history of a movement that was started by the
Masters !

I read these several posts that narrate the sad story of revocation of
membership, and of branches that fight legally for the right to
dispose of their assets, and I wonder what about BROTHERHOOD and the
original objects of the T S.

This is shameful indeed.

Can you seriously call yourselves Theosophists" if this is the way in
which theosophical principles are applied?

Is this the "way to the Masters ?"

No, I think not.  That is not what theosophy has to teach.  In what
way is our APPLICATION any better than elsewhere?  Are we showing an
example of wisdom in all this?

Who has recently read again HPB's FIVE MESSAGES ?


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