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Re: theos-l digest: September 16, 1999 REVOCATION -- EXCOMMUNICATION etc.

Sep 17, 1999 05:33 PM
by Alan

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> From: W. Dallas TenBroeck <>
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> Date: Friday, September 17, 1999 11:37 PM
> Subject: RE: theos-l digest: September 16, 1999 REVOCATION --

Sept 17th 1999

Dear Friends:

Revocation,  Excommunication, etc...

But what have those things to do with THEOSOPHY ?

> That these acts are committed by those who profess to be the GUARDIANS
of theosophy.

Are we degraded to the level of the common churches that we fight over
assets and the right interpretation of the teachings?

> Sadly, yes. But these two things do not go together.  Fighting over
assets is conducted by organisations who have them, or seek to control
them.  Sadly, the organised Adyar-based THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY is noted
for doing this.

> Some people fight over the interpretation of the teachings.  This is
bad, as fighting is not brotherhood.  However, we are, as seekers after
truth, quite legitimately entitled to disagree over interpretations, and
to conduct reasoned arguments and discussions over them.

I imagine that anyone who joins the T S does so because of its ideals
and because of its brotherhood, and because it means the end of any
sectarian fighting or any "authority" as to the interpretation of the

> They expect to do this, but IT DOES NOT HAPPEN.  Get the message.

And now this !

What a blot on the history of a movement that was started by the
Masters !

> Made not by those who tell the TRUTH about ORGANISED so-called
THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETIES, but by the Societies or Sections concerned.  And
re-read you history, if you will.  The Society was started by a
committee meeting in New York.  The "Masters" are on record as having
expressed grave misgivings.

I read these several posts that narrate the sad story of revocation of
membership, and of branches that fight legally for the right to
dispose of their assets, and I wonder what about BROTHERHOOD and the
original objects of the T S.

This is shameful indeed.

> Which is why you regularly over the years see the same kinds of posts
coming up again and again.  We, the victims of such behavior, want to
see it stopped.  Are we supposed to *ignore* the shameful acts performed
in Theosophy's name?

ON any better than elsewhere?  Are we showing an
example of wisdom in all this?

> Wisdom often comes from the people, especially those who have suffered
in a worthy cause.  It is not confined to the Himalayas.

Who has recently read again HPB's FIVE MESSAGES ?

> Dunno, but I expect people will, now you have mentioned it.  They may
well conclude that we who point out the evils committed in her name are
acting an her spirit.


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