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Re: Theosophy Questions

Sep 02, 1999 03:02 AM
by hesse600

> wrote:

 In some ways I am fairly new too the actual membership of
the TSA, but in
 other ways I have had  intermittent contact with TSA over
a period of forty
 years. So please excuse my limited background and
ignorance. Compared with
 other similar organizations, I feel there are some
strengths in the TSA
 that might be worth focusing on. Openess and willing to
hear new ideas
 indicate there is potential for growth.>
I am glad to find positive aspects of TSA are discussed,
because it is a bit depressing to hear only the bad news.
 1)  Has the Theosophical Society served its historical
purpose many years ago?
I do not think so, the ethical idea's we members of the
TS'es have access to are strangers to western eyes. So even
though eastern philosophy is more popular today, it seems
to be only superficial.

> MKR:

 I think membership do perform an important role. It is the
 members who are responsible for the local activities which
in turn draw
 attention to theosophy and in turn bring  new members.
Also, if we look at
 the continuing trend of loss of membership, it may not be
too long before
 we end up with a handful of members and that would be end
of the TS as we
 know it.
Katinka: would it be the end? I am not sure, because HPB
certainly did the work she did with only a handfull of
members. Any member can do TS-work, we do not need a large
TS for that. A large TS has benefits like the possibility
of monitary help and the publishing of books, but I do not
think it is absolutely neccessary, however glad I am that I
have the TS to work in and not just a small group, the way
HPB did.
 5)  What goals/projects does the TSA have that can
mobilize its energies?
Katinka: It seems to me that it is our explanations and
ethical teaching that makes the TS's different from other
organisations, along with the freedom to agree and


NHL Leeuwarden

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