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Re: Internet in India

Sep 02, 1999 02:16 AM
by hesse600

On Tue, 17 Aug 1999 09:36:43 -0500 M K Ramadoss
<> wrote:

> I hope so. The bottom line is making theosophy accessible to the world. Its
> effect on the world is what counts and not through which channel.
> There is the long standing organizational mind set which seem to pervade
> all through the various sections around the world which seem to indicate
> that none of the elected national and international official are seen on
> the Internet maillists or newsgroups interacting with the theosophical
> community.
Well, I am an elected secretary of a small lodge in
Holland, does that count?
> What we see is static web pages (which is mostly one way
> communication, akin to print publications) and pictures of some of the
> elected officials in some web sites -- I do not know if those pictures are
> meant to send any subliminal messages to inquirers?
I am also preparing a website, but without any pictures. I
think the people in the top seates have a lot on their
minds and they are still learning about what the best way
is to work on it. We had in Naarden, this summer, a meeting
on practical theosophy and the work, for workers, (whith
Radha there)and a lot of the discussion was about the
internet. I think there should be e-mail-discussion-lists
in all vernaculars. But time will surely bring these, I am
absolutely confident. The only thing is that organisations
are slow, because big, and therefore they change course
slowly. But the discussion is alive in TS-Adyar and
eventually it will all happen.

Katinka (the optimist ! ;-) )

NHL Leeuwarden

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