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Re: Sai Baba - Does he claim to be God?

Sep 02, 1999 02:08 AM
by hesse600

<> wrote:
> Dear Katinka:
 > Where did you read about this? Just interested. And
again, the bottom line
>  is what his followers think of him. Looking at the work
that is being done,
>  by his followers, I have no quarrel with either his
being a god or just
> another human being.
Well, I have read a couple of the books about him. I do not
know which, out of the top of my head. Something about Sai
Baba, Avatar and psychiatrist?
And, no, I do not think that the bottom line is what his
followers think about him. His followers think he is an
avatar, that much is clear, but there are many small sects
that have leaders who claim to be Jesus reincarnate, and
their followers believe them, still those sects often do
I do agree that his followers do good work though, and that
is as good a testimony to his being a genuine spiritual
leader as one can come up with. Perhaps that is what you


NHL Leeuwarden

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