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Re: Theosophy Questions

Sep 02, 1999 05:52 PM
by M K Ramadoss

At 12:02 PM 09/02/1999 +0200, hesse600 wrote:
Katinka: would it be the end? I am not sure, because HPB
certainly did the work she did with only a handfull of

Sure. One person can accomplish a lot. Buddha launced Buddhism. Christ
launched Christianity.

However have we found another HPB? Not yet.

Any member can do TS-work, we do not need a large
TS for that. A large TS has benefits like the possibility
of monitary help and the publishing of books, but I do not
think it is absolutely neccessary, however glad I am that I
have the TS to work in and not just a small group, the way
HPB did.

Agreed. Commercialism has gotten into the TSA. In HPB's days, she did not
charge a fee or a love offering or donation to attend her evening meetings
or witness any of the phenomenon.

Now if  you want to attend any of the programs at the National HQ, take
your wallet with you. Just visit to see the programs
and fees. Of course one can come up with 100 reasons why a fee should be
charged or a "suggested donation" is very critical.

We are falling into the same money trap that churches have developed over a
long time.


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