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Privacy in today's world

Jun 17, 1999 12:47 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Internet is a wonderful medium of communication, is still in its infancy.
Its full full  effect on the world is going to be very far reaching and no
one can even predict the scenario five years into the future.

On one hand, instant communication at almost negligible cost and the
immediate access to almost unlimited information on almost any subject is a
great blessing; on the other hand, misuse of information as well as
reduction in privacy of individuals. Messages which usually take a route
with many hops (around the country and world, in some cases),  anyone with
enough computer skills and access can read them. Tracking of origin of
messages is even easier even with the proliferation of accommodation e-mail
providers. Combined with the availability of other on-line information, a
*lot* can be known about a person in the country. You can even get the
floor plan of the house one lives in.

Many of use do not need unnecessary publicity and would like to keep a low
profile. But this is becoming very difficult keep personal information
confidential. Daily such information is sold by people who collect them and
process them. Even some states do sell such confidential information as
one's salary. Here are some ideas if you want to decrease information that
can and will be sold by purveyors of such info.

Here are the 10 Commandments:

1. Don't have an account with a bank or other financial institution..
2. Don't own any property =96 real or business.
3. Don't use a credit card.
4. Don't have a driver license.
5. Don't be in a profession which needs a license.
6. Don't borrow from any financial institution.
7. Don't participate in any raffles or give awys.
8. Don't have a telephone.
9. Don't be a customer of local utilities.
10. Don't get a passport.


(c) M K Ramadoss

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