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re:sober time

Jun 15, 1999 10:26 AM
by mika perala

> Since when the Masters are anything else than realistic human 
beings? That
> was the picture HPB tried to spread.
> Frank

Yes, you`re right. I was just unlucky to get in touch with so called 
Leadbeaterian theosophists when I got first interested in 
theosophy. Leadbeater`s view of the masters was very peculiar. 
People believe in him anyway and so did I at first. 
> "...take care they do not sleep in the pyjamas that are responsible 
> for so much evil in your civilisation..." Masterīs instructions for 
> bringing up the World Teacher (and his brother) according to 
> Leadbeater   
> Must admit I was a bit confused by this too. Not only HPB, but they
> themselves. Besides which, all of this still misses the point. Neither HPB
> nor they ever tried to bring the focus on themselves - it was the philosophy
> they considered important. Who said what to whom, who traveled where, or
> when, or with who ... who this person might be and that person might be ...
> yeesh - no wonder after a couple of decades of dealing with westerners they
> just retreated back into silence. -JRC

I agree that the teachings are the most important thing. But, I 
believe now, that they had much more politics in mind than is 
generally acknowledged amongst theosophists and I think it is 
important to know that.   

And, yes, it is not that important who they were or what their real 
names were. It just became important to me when I was trying to 
get rid of the silly-occultism of Leadbeater. I (and I`m sure I`m not 
the only one) needed that information by P.Johnson & co. to clear 
some things in my head - even if their theories are not correct.

Mika Perala

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