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Internet in Universities

Jun 14, 1999 09:01 PM
by M K Ramadoss

The almost unlimited Internet resources made available in the Universities
seems to set the trend for the future -- tight integration of Internet into
the lives of everyone.

In the Universities, starting from freshman(woman) year, every student is
provided with free e-mail access. In addition, they can create their own
site -- their imagination is the limit -- the exception being you cannot
use the site for commercial purposes or have hot games on your site -- the
schools do not want the entire world to visit the game site and bring down
the whole school system due to overload. They also encourage to set up your
own server with a high speed 10 MBps connection. Students can also set up
mailists at no expense to them. All the buildings are wired for high speed
access - 10Mbps -- these include dorms.
With a high speed connection, you are connected to Internet 24 hours of the
day seven days of the week!

So no student need to use free e-mail sites such as hotmail or use free
websites (funded by the ads). This applies to everyone in the academic
community -- students, teachers, professors, librarians, etc. etc. If you
are a faculty or graduate student, the schools will provide almost any
Internet resource one needs.

I thought many would be interested in the above since it forbodes the
intense use of Internet. BTW, now middle and high schools are teaching
their students how to setup websites as part of their curriculum. It looks
like setting up websites is going to be like learning how to drive an auto. 


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