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Faster access to Internet

Jun 13, 1999 04:03 PM
by M K Ramadoss

To many of us who have used fast - 10MB/sec and higher connections, the
traditonal modem connection is very slow. First came ISDN -- expensive
(relatively) and difficult to make it work and it did not take off. Now
comes DSL/ADSL which is 10 or more times faster than 28.8. It works on
regular phone line, except you have to be no farther than 15,000 feet from
phone switch. It looks like it is going to take off.

Only is some parts of the county it is available. One of the best FAQ on
DSL/ADSL can be found at:

I learnt a lot from visiting the site. Would be well informed when it is
available and cost effective to me.


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