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Arguing is aerobic

Jun 13, 1999 03:21 PM
by kymsmith

Peter wrote:

>What one invariably discovers in exploring the life of HPB is that she gave
>*all* that she had to bring and explain these fundamental Teachings to the
>world at large.  Whatever defects her physical body and personality may have
>suffered, and she appears to have willingly suffered a great deal in the
>carrying out of her task,  behind that 'personage' stands a  great and noble
>Soul that had the welfare of humanity at heart and worked unceasingly on its
>behalf.  Such wisdom, greatness and generosity of spirit that were HPB's are
>an example for us all to aspire towards if we so choose.

Although HPB, at least in Thesophical circles, is someone who has greatly
influenced and who had the "welfare of humanity at heart," one, I believe,
needs to be careful in going overboard in singing her praises.  HPB was not
generous toward those who disagreed with her, nor was she very gentle when
speaking about the "masses."  She was also upset with her "Teachers,"
although refrained from rebelling too much, about their implications that
her being a female automatically hindered her from receiving the 'whole
truth.' Personally, I believe she should have told the "Masters" to 'stick
it' regarding that piece of wisdom.  A world of HPBs would not necessarily
be the best world.  

Attacking or praising HPB does nothing toward furthering the Truth - for
focusing on a person is not what it is all about.  HPB was not a "saint"
nor was she a "demon."  And so it always goes.

In my opinion, even defending HPB adds to the crap, muddles the waters of
Truth.  In areas of spirituality, the "messengers" will always be flawed -
but the message will not.  Debating the message, rather than the messenger,
will probably be more constructive and growth-conducive.

But, then again, I adore a good spat.


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