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Re: Mrs Blavatsky lied about journey in Tibet

Jun 13, 1999 05:09 PM
by JRC

> Thanks for reminder that Mr Gilbert's research is more than confirmed by
> Paul Johnson's work.  A re-reading of Mr Johnson's chapters on Tibet shows
> Mrs Blavatsky's Tibetan masters were myths & "covers" for persons actually
> residing in India.  Conclusion----Mrs Blavatsky never had reason to go to
> Tibet. Where is "enormity of evidence" proving Mrs Blavatsky journeyed to
> Tibet & was trained by 2 mahatmas?  Gilbert & Johnson couldn't find the
> evidence.

David: -

Thanks for the reminder that you are still pursuing your single-minded
mission to attempt to smear and discredit the *people* involved in
Theosophy, without the scarcest mention of the philosophy.

Thanks for the reminder that after a century HPB is still an immense enough
figure to attract the buzzing of gnats.

Oh yeah - just a further reminder: Mr. Green has still failed to provide
even a fraction of the facts and evidence about himself that he demands
others provide to him about historical figures. He claims now that HPB lied
about going to Tibet, lied about being trained by Masters. Yet clearly he
has lied, or concealed part of the truth, about his motives. His continual
posts and website are things completely unnecessary for the completion of a
dissertation, yet this is what he says he is doing.

I wonder why Mr. Green, seeker of truth and demander of evidence that he is,
is so reticent to provide even the most basic evidence about himself?
Perhaps he would not care to be examined as thoroughly as he sees fit to
examine others. He certainly is doing everything in his power to conceal
himself and his identity ... and to try to ignore the fact that the
information he is refusing to provide is the most basic, accepted
information required for anyone that wishes to be taken seriously as a
scholar. I wonder what Mr. Green is hiding? -JRC

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