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Is this Theosophy?

Jun 01, 1999 01:34 PM
by M K Ramadoss

The newly republished book - Is This Theosophy? by Ernest Wood reached me
today. Kessinger publications has done a wonderful job of publishing it.
They should be congratulated in bringing this rare book after 63 years
after it was originally published. Any student of history of theosophical
society should read it and I am sure will find it very interesting.

In the very end of the book Wood writes:

The new President, Mr. Arundale -- he now dropped the use of his title of
Bishop outside the church activities, as he ahd announced his intention to
do so -- or Dr. Arundale, if we are to recognize the honorary degree
conferred upon him by the short-lived National University -- wrote me that
his intentions were to pursue a thoroughly liberal policy. I could not
congratulate him on his election, considering the way in which it had been
conducted, but I wrote wishing him success in the liberal intentions
expressed in his letter to me.

But since I saw no landing-place for the weary unwelcome foot of the white
dove of truth in the new interpretation of the Society's principle of
tolerance: "Thou shall not find fault with a brother's views or
activities." What a convenience that sort of tolerance would be to
lawbreakers in general, if only it could be adopted in teh outside world!'

I learned to detest theosophical politics, with their hiding everything
that does not redound to the credit of those in power, and their perpetual
circles of mutual admiration, but I was left with a high regard for the
theosophists scattered over the world as a lovable-- albeit most innocent
and childlike -- body of people.

It is not here, nor is it there, that pure life or truth shall be found.
There are no secret passages to truth. No hocus-pocus of incantations, of
word or of the subtler word that is thought, can light or fan the central
fire. No establishment can establish it; no communications communicate.


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