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Jun 01, 1999 10:42 PM
by M K Ramadoss

One more indication of the power shift from traditional/organizational to
grass roots level can be seen in the decision of Merrill Lynch to get on
the online trading bandwagon.

When Schwab introduced online trading, the idea was dismissed by ML who
used the traditional human brokers to put thru trades. This increased the
cost to the customers. Now the online trading bypasses the brokers.

More changes in the way we do business is on its way.

>From the horse/ox buggy to supersonic transportation, we have come a long
way. The transportation revolution has shrunk the world. Next comes the
communication world with phones, cell phones, pagers and now
Internet/Evernet integrated to all of them and more. The communication
revolution is still on its march like the traditional Juggernaut crushing
all who stand in its way. BTW, I just found out that some companies are
selling long distance at 3 cents a minute with a fixed 35 cent charge per
call or 5 cents a minute with a fixed 25 cent per call.

With all the communication changes taking place, the pencil and paper and
communication is bound to go the way rail roads gave way to road and air

Stay tuned for more.


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