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Re: For whom the bell tolls

Jun 01, 1999 04:58 AM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Well said! And what about Judge, Tingley or de Purucker? Would they stand
today the licmus-test? In our hypocrasy theosophical world? Sureley NOT.
They would be persecuted. And what is the reason for? People wish no
teacher, they won't be teached, they are proud and believe there is no more
knowledge in the universe than in their brain, they like and need
hypocrasy - and they become what they want. 'Which of the two ones shall I
give free: Jesus the Christus or Jesus the Barrabas?' asked Pontius
Pilatus - and the people shouted: 'Barrabas, give us the Barrabas'. Every
one gets what he/she likes - that's the just law of karma, it can not be
otherwise. BTW, as you can read in BCW, HPB was kicked off from Adyar in
1885 and their Masters with her. Not that I will say that all the other TS's
are better - no way - there's the same poppycock.

>currently circulating on earth. HPB - who was chosen by the Adepts -
> possesses none of what the *current* TS Leadersip priviledges as
> qualifications. She was wild. Continually kinetic. Pretty much upset any
> applecart she came anywhere close to. Were she to incarnate again, she
> not stand a *chance* of actually becoming a TS Board Member, let alone a
> President. In fact, the current ruling clique would likely find such a
> personality a powerful threat - and would make sure she was frozen out of
> any election.
> But the life side is always there to those with the guts to make the
> quest. -JRC

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