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Re: For whom the bell tolls

Jun 01, 1999 05:01 AM
by JRC

Kym ...
> Perhaps the TS was meant to die - all things must that refuse or cannot
> change and adapt.  I personally do not see the death of the TS as a "bad"
> event as any place/group that claims to hog the "Truth" cannot really
> possess "it."

Couldn't agree more. I think throughout history exoteric religions have
always been the "form side" of spirituality, and the esoteric traditions
have always been the "life side". The form side always focusses on status,
on hierarchy, loves its followers to elevate things like humility into
virtues, and almost always develop leaderships that believe they understand
a larger sphere of truth than their followers do. Membership in the
leaderships is granted to those that have shown they will behave, and agree
to further the values and mindset of the leaders. Often some sort of status
in the social world is considered important.

But the virtues required for the form side are not only not the same, but
sometimes even in direct opposition to those required to actually make the
quest of the life side. The path itself requires people to virtually
continually shatter forms - their own notions of what life is, what they
are, must be considered to be completely open to destruction. Any ego, any
belief, must be open to question, and ready at a moment's notice to be
sacrificed. The life side is deeply personal, and can never be
organizational - it is that quest to find one's own deepest demons, root
them out, and defeat them; it is the effort of discovering all of the latent
energies and talents still dormant in most, drawing them out into full
expression, placing them at the service of of others. It is not for those
that like comfort.

The TS, through HPB, showed a brief glimpse of what that inner world of
people pursuing the life side looked like - but the current TS has virtually
nothing at all to do with that - its become as calcified as the Catholic
church, and its leadership nothing but similar ... in its underlying
patterns ... of any one of hundreds of other minor religions and cults
currently circulating on earth. HPB - who was chosen by the Adepts -
possesses none of what the *current* TS Leadersip priviledges as leadership
qualifications. She was wild. Continually kinetic. Pretty much upset any
applecart she came anywhere close to. Were she to incarnate again, she would
not stand a *chance* of actually becoming a TS Board Member, let alone a
President. In fact, the current ruling clique would likely find such a
personality a powerful threat - and would make sure she was frozen out of
any election.

But the life side is always there to those with the guts to make the
quest. -JRC

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