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Re: Speeding up your Karma

Apr 29, 1999 05:15 AM
by hesse600

On Tue, 27 Apr 1999 10:18:23 -0500 M K Ramadoss 

> ><> wrote:
> >
> >> One concept many in TS are fairly familiar with is that the idea of working
> >> of one's "bad" karma is speeded up once a person tries to become a chela.
> >> Is this an idea that was discussed during the time of HPB or something that
> >> was developed after her demise.
> >
> >It was discussed during H.P.B.'s lifetime. In fact she 
> >wrote about it herself. Do you want qoutes on this or is 
> >the fact that it was discussed enough?

> While I trust the info you provide, if you can just give the citation of
> one or two places where HPB discussed this, would help to know exactly what
> she tried to explain.
Very rightly, because my memory is not very reliable. I 
will look it up. 
I have the problem of not having my internetaccount on a 
computer in my home, so I do not have the information here. 
Meanwhile I do have a quote from the Mahathmaletters you 
probably know: 

>> THe mass of human sin and frailty is distributed 
throughout the life of man who is content to remain an 
average mortal. It is gathered in and centered so to say, 
within one period of the life of a chela-- the period of 
probation. THat which is generally accumulating to find its 
legitimate issue only in the next rebirth of an ordinary 
man, is quickened and fanned into existence in the chela 
-- especially in the presumptious and selfish candidate who 
rushes in without having calculated his forces.>>
Mahatma Letters, p. 354 (Trevor Barker-version)

This is the clearest quote I can find in the little 
notebook that goes where I go, but I will try and look up 
my notes at home. Without mentioning Kharma, H.P.B. does 
mention that the chela must expect every hidden aspect of 
their character to come out into the open (excuse the 
rotten centence), so that the good the good person tries to 
hide comes out despite their shyness, for instance. Since 
this seems to mean that skandas that were hidden come out, 
it means almost the same as Karma speading up. I will look 
and see what I can find. I think I was a bit quick in 
asserting that she did discuss it. I do think she hinted at 
it. THe problem is that in my mind the Mahatma Letters and 
H.P.B. have the same texture, so that I get them on one 

There is an interesting quote from the Hadith 
(Islam-tradition of quotes by Mohammed) that points into 
the same direction:
>> Whenever God loves a devotee, He subjects him to 
ordeals. Should he endure patiently, God singles him out; 
should he be content, God purifies him.>>

If that isn't testing, I do not know what is. And what 
material would be used to test us, but our own karma? That 
which we deserve? Speading up Karma is in my mind a very 
logical idea. Also it is neccessary in order for a person 
to become a Mahatma quickly: past mistakes have to be faced 
and ammended.

NHL Leeuwarden

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