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Re: Speeding up your Karma

Apr 29, 1999 05:58 AM
by M K Ramadoss

> THe mass of human sin and frailty is distributed 
>throughout the life of man who is content to remain an 
>average mortal. It is gathered in and centered so to say, 
>within one period of the life of a chela-- the period of 
>probation. THat which is generally accumulating to find its 
>legitimate issue only in the next rebirth of an ordinary 
>man, is quickened and fanned into existence in the chela 
>-- especially in the presumptious and selfish candidate who 
>rushes in without having calculated his forces.>>
>Mahatma Letters, p. 354 (Trevor Barker-version)

Dear Katinka:

Thanks for the quote. Don't bother about locating any other material on
this. The above statement is as clear as it can be about the subject.


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