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Funeral Costs in Japan

Apr 28, 1999 06:44 AM
by M K Ramadoss

There is a AP report in today's newspaper about the Buddhist funeral
costs in Japan. The cost was a surprise to me. The average cost is
$22,000.00. Obviously this is what the market is willing to bear. US
Funeral Industry should be salivating looking at this figure.

More surprising was the fact that there is a tradition of giving
after-life names of the dead. The name assigned by the temples is almost
exclusively based on the money paid for the assignment of the name. The
names are akin to a ranking system reflecting on the deceased's noble
actions during life. The highest rank called "ingo" usually costs more
than $8,300. Of the average $5,300 paid to temples for funeral fees in
the Tokyo area, about $3,300 goes for the posthumous name.

On a lighter side: Is anyone interested in the above concept?

You can buy posthumous names cheaper while you are alive and all the
proceeds - 100% of it will go to help the Kosovo refugees. Will accept
cash, cashiers check, money order or Major Credit cards.

Those who are super rich and facing estate taxes down the road can take
double benefit. You get tax deduction currently and avoid estate taxes
which can be as high as 55%.

PS: Poor and penniless can get the name for free. All you need is to
send a e-mail.


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