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Apr 25, 1999 07:46 PM
by M K Ramadoss

This is a subject we have discussed in the past.

Here is what I found in ML to APS:

Writing about Evil, Master K.H. says:

It is not nature that creates diseases, but man. The latter's mission and
destiny in the economy of nature is to die his natural death brought by old
age; save accident, neither a savage nor a wild (free) animal dies of
disease. Food, sexual relations, drink, are all natural necessities of
life; yet excess in them brings on disease, misery, suffering, mental and
physical, and the latter are transmitted as the greatest evils of future
generations, the progeny of culprits.


What is very telling is the recognition of sexual relations and drink among
the natural necessities of life, which some feel incompatible with spritual

When a novice reads the theosophical classics and runs into the traditional
members many of whom may not agree with the above, the novice is at a loss
to understand.


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