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Re: Dzyan Esoteric School---Esoteric Instructions Issued on Whose Authority?

Mar 31, 1999 08:25 AM
by David Green

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>Subject: Re: Dzyan Esoteric School---Esoteric Instructions Issued on 
Whose Authority?
>Date: Wed, 31 Mar 1999 09:37:49 -0600
>To what end do you question these things? I can certainly understand 
>researched criticisms of current organizations - it is an essential 
>that keeps leaderships honest and improves and refines organizations - 
>is "the essential question to ask" the authority of re-distribution? 
Why is
>it essential? You seem intent on blasting people long dead, who cannot
>neither answer your "essential questions", nor defend themselves 
>your charges.

What about the "current" organization---the United Lodge of 
Theosophists?  Attitudes of living ULT associates on these same 
subjects?  Many of the "old" & "dead" attitudes are still alive, well & 
present in that organization & its associates, in their teaching 
methods, selection of material & "attitudes" towards other theosophical 
associations & publications.  Also in their Dzyan Esoteric Section of 

"Blasting people long dead".  Thumb through ULT's history "The 
Theosophical Movement" 1951.  Volume is in print & this volume is full 
of "blasting people long dead."  Blasting Mrs Tingley & hinting if not 
more that she & small number of W Judge's most trusted colleagues 
"faked" her successorship.  Blasting Mrs Besant & Mr Leadbeater.  
Blasting Mr Hargrove.  If my criticisms bother you, why don't you also 
protest ULT's continual sale of this volume?  Mr Dallas TenBroeck 
constantly recommends this title.  Isn't he indirectly "blasting people 
long dead" by recommending this volume?  Where are your comments on him?  

David Green

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