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Re: Dzyan Esoteric School---Esoteric Instructions Issued on Whose Authority?

Mar 31, 1999 07:37 AM
by JRC

To what end do you question these things? I can certainly understand well
researched criticisms of current organizations - it is an essential function
that keeps leaderships honest and improves and refines organizations - Why
is "the essential question to ask" the authority of re-distribution? Why is
it essential? You seem intent on blasting people long dead, who cannot
neither answer your "essential questions", nor defend themselves against
your charges.

> In ULT's Dzyan Esoteric School, esoteric instructions of Madame
> Blavatsky are *reissued* to members under a pledge of secrecy.
> Blavatsky's instructions were not to be discussed or shown to regular
> ULT associates or to other non-members of the DES.  Anyone who violated
> this oath was expelled from DES.
> The essential question to ask is---
> On whose authority were Madame Blavatsky's instructions reissued by the
> DES?

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